Raw Materials
Raw material selection and storage
Thanakorn concentrates on selecting the finest raw materials and storing them efficiently to prevent damage from humidity and insects.  We constantly inspect the raw material quality and the storage conditions to control elements which might affect the storage of the raw materials.
Through the process of selecting the finest oilseeds and keeping them in suitable storage, customers can be assured that all Thanakorn’s products including soybean oil, sunflower oil, animal feed ingredients from soybean meal, sunflower meal and other by-products of soybean oil extraction, are of the highest standards. The main raw materials used in Thanakorn manufacturing process are:
Soybean Seed
The oilseeds in manufacturing soybean oil and soybean meal at Thanakorn are from domestic plantations as well as imported. The domestic oilseeds are from the agricultural areas in the upper Central, Northern and North Eastern parts of Thailand. The imported oilseeds are from South America and the United States of America. These areas produce top quality large soybean that are high in fat and protein.
Sunflower Seed
Sunflower oil is extracted from the local sunflower plantations in the central part of Thailand such as Lopburi, Petchabun, Saraburi, etc. Thanakorn sunflower oil is a healthy source of nutrition as it contains 89% saturated fat, high in natural antioxidants and Vitamin E.