Code of conduct
Thanakorn Vegetable Oil Products Company Limited emphasizes good corporate governance management. All Thanakorn management and employees are committed to a “Code of Conduct” on the responsibility to all parties involved, the community, society and the environment, which will lead the company to success in accordance with the company’s policy, which says;
“We will continue to manufacture products of the highest quality, in full compliance with the highest international standards, to fully satisfy our customers.”
In order to achieve this, the company commits to the following code of conduct:

All company personnel are required to participate fully in its quality control systems.

   The company pledges to seek innovation to up-grade its products, manufacturing processes and staff.
The company pledges to produce goods to meet customer needs in full compliance with the highest international standards.    The company pledges to operate its business with good ethics and in strict compliance with all local ordinances aimed at public health and environmental protection by managing the amount of greenhouse gas emissions.
The company pledges to ensure the delivery of goods to its customers as promptly and efficiently as possible.      Focus on being environmentally friendly with social responsibility, both within

and outside the organization.

The management committee strictly follows the code of conduct in order to improve and lead the company to become a top quality organization with sustainable growth as well as being a good member of society.