Water Management
The Company’s Water Management Mission

Thanakorn Vegetable Oil Products Company Limited is committed to fully adopting the Zero Effluent System in the manufacturing process by 2019.  The technology will manage the water system efficiently.  The waste water treatment system can then be eliminated. 

  Zero Effluent system - Improving manufacturing processes to reduce wastewater

Thanakorn Vegetable Oil Products Company Limited has been improving the manufacturing process from 2003 until 2012 by installing new machinery as well as introducing the Zero Effluent system.  Today, we have managed to reduce wastewater from 350 m3/day to 120 m3/day.  The company is aware of the water shortage.  We have been reusing treated wastewater in the Steam Boiler Wet Scrubber system as well as reserving the water for use in case of fire.

Treated Wastewater Quality Inspection  

The company uses the Activated Sludge waste water treatment system.  Inspection shows that all test factors in the treated waste water are within the control limits.  We also have Sludge treatment to manage and dispose of sludge.  The inspection reports are regularly sent to the responsible government offices which include:

1. The Department of Industrial Works

2. Phrasamutjedi Municipality 

3. The Marine Department