Cook set up project "Sports Relations"
Cook set up project ” Manage food waste - turn organic waste into gold
"Cook" executives personally pay a visit to the "Sea Fang" camp with vows to stand alongside the club and continue supporting the team
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'Cook' sponsored
Mr.Petch Wanglee, Managing director of Thanakorn Vegetable Oil Company Limited, manufacturer of “Cook” vegetable oil, received the Superbrands Thailand award 2018 from Mr. Preecha Kaenprom, Director,Superbrands Thailand.
ฉลอง 40 ปี กุ๊กจัดให้ Make a Wish ลุ้นช้อปฟรี จำนวน 40 รางวัล มูลค่ารวมทั้งสิ้น 1,150,000 บาท เพียงส่งฉลากน้ำมันพืชกุ๊ก มาร่วมสนุกที่รายการ ระเบิดเที่ยงแถวตรง...
Success from within....Since the company was established in 1974, Thanakorn Vegetable Oil Products Company Limited has been constantly working on product quality improvement and upgrading manufacturing technology to satisfy both our domestic and international customers. Thanakorn emphasizes good corporate governance management which always considers the pros and cons for all parties involved. Thanakorn has received certification from many organizations and is now one of the most efficient regional leaders in vegetable oil and animal feed meal products with environmental and social responsibility.

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